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Refund Policies

Sometimes people have unexpected changes in their schedule and may not be able to continue lessons for the full length of their contract.  This page explains the refund policies for such situations.

Refund Policy for Extended Contracts Of Scheduled Class Lessons

There are no refunds for the 1-Month Contract. For all other contracts, the following are the guidelines for refunds.

Refunds are only given in full-month increments (multiples of 8). Any unused partial month is not refunded.

The calculation for the refund will be as follows: The number of months of the contract that were used (including partial months, partial multiples of 8) will be the formula for the price charged. For example, if you signed a 6-month contract and want to cancel after 3 months, your refund will not be half of your original contract fee, but rather the difference between the 6-month contract fee and the 3-month contract fee.

All contract cancellations will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

Examples of refund calculations:

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If a contract is canceled and a refund is approved, you may not attend any classes again until a new contract is signed; unused partial month lessons will be forfeited.

Refunds will be mailed to you within 14 days of the contract cancellation.

Refund Policy for Extended Contracts Of Private Lessons

Extended contracts are also available for private lessons, where you may sign up for more than 3 months at a time and get a discount.  If you cancel your private lessons before the end of your pre-paid timeframe, the rules for refunds are the same as for those of the scheduled classes, except that refunds may be issued in any number of private lesson hours (as opposed to scheduled classes, which are only refunded in full-month increments).  Since the private lessons are offered at a different rate, here are some examples of refunds for private lessons.

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