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Private Lessons

Some people prefer to learn in a more personalized environment. Akada Private Lessons offer you the flexibility and pace of learning that is exactly tailored to your needs. Each private lesson is specifically designed for you, and gives you the undivided attention of a professional instructor. Lessons can be held at a location that suits you, whether it’s your workplace, your home, or another location. Please call or email us for more information.

Speak. Build your confidence with coached conversational practice for professional and personal social situations.

Listen. Learn to recognize and understand the speech of native speakers in many different contexts.

Read. Unlock difficult texts and improve your reading comprehension. Stretch your vocabulary and knowledge of idioms.

Write. Express your ideas clearly and accurately in reports, memos, letters, e-mail, and more.

Private Lesson Rates

Private lessons are $50 per hour.  If the location of the lessons is outside of the Ann Arbor or Plymouth/Canton area, then a travel fee may be added.

One or more textbooks will be used in most private lessons. The cost of the textbook(s) is not included in the lesson fee. Students can buy their textbooks on their own, or have the instructor buy the book(s) and pay the instructor for the book(s).

Discounts are available for quantity purchases. See below for more details.

Private Lesson Discount Packages

Discounts can be obtained on private lessons in the following situations:

  1. Bullet Having multiple hours per day (can be combined with other students at same location, adjacent time)

  2. Bullet Paying in advance for 3 or more months of lessons (the more months paid in advance, the more discount available)*

  3. Bullet Signing up for “Cram Schedule” lessons, with 5 or more hours of lessons per week

*See the Refund Policy page regarding the amount refunded if the number of lessons paid for is not completed

Travel Fee

For lessons not held in the Ann Arbor or Plymouth/Canton area, a travel fee may be required. The travel fee covers the mileage cost and the instructor’s time used in traveling to and from the site. The exact cost of this will depend on the location.


Payment is submitted at the beginning of each month for the number of lessons scheduled for the month. (Exception: For multiple month agreements that involve a discounted rate, payment for the full number of months agreed upon is required in advance for all months.) If a lesson must be canceled unexpectedly, it will be carried over to the following month as a credit.^ Payment is accepted by check or cash at the lesson (check is preferred). Or, you may pay using your PayPal account, or by credit card using the "Pay Now" link below.

^Note: Restrictions exist for the amount of notice time required for receiving a lesson credit. Full details available when registering for lessons or upon request.

How To Sign Up:

E-mail LearnEnglish@Akada-Language.com to express your interest in taking private lessons, your desired meeting time and place, and what you are interested in studying. Your instructor will work with you to make lesson arrangements.  (Or call toll-free 1-877-4-AKADA-2.)

You can pay for your first month's lessons at your first lesson, using check or cash (check preferred). A credit card option is also available. You can pay the standard $50 per hour rate** in intervals of 4 hours, using the link to PayPal below. Any differences in the agreement between you and Akada will need to be paid by check or cash, such as travel fees or a different negotiated discount rate (i.e. due to multiple hours of lessons together). Therefore, please do not use the pay-by-credit-card option until you have arranged for this through Akada.

**The standard rate includes a progressive discount for the more lessons purchased, as shown in the drop down box below.

Note: You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to pay by credit card.

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