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Customized Group Instruction

Akada offers specially designed lessons for businesses. A professional instructor will come to
your place of business and teach classes tailored to your specific business or to your employees’ own needs. Classes can be one-time workshops or an ongoing series of lessons. Private group lessons can be a great option for businesses with very specialized vocabulary, frequent international negotiations, or multinational employees.  Currently Akada is offering customized group instruction in English as a Second Language and Japanese.

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Speak. Build your confidence with coached conversational practice for professional and personal social situations.

Listen. Learn to recognize and understand the speech of native speakers in many different contexts.

Read. Unlock difficult texts and improve your reading comprehension. Stretch your vocabulary and knowledge of idioms.

Write. Express your ideas clearly and accurately in reports, memos, letters, e-mail, and more.

The sky is the limit...new opportunities await!

Get your key to success with increased language skill!

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