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Speak. Build your confidence with coached conversational practice for professional and personal social situations.

Listen. Learn to recognize and understand the speech of native speakers in many different contexts.

Read. Unlock difficult texts and improve your reading comprehension. Stretch your vocabulary and knowledge of idioms.

Write. Express your ideas clearly and accurately in reports, memos, letters, e-mail, and more.

For personal enrichment

Would you like to feel more confident when you talk to your friends and neighbors in English?  Would you like to improve your writing for your blog or Facebook page?  Improve your use of everyday English with this class.

Comprehensive ESL

Gain increased knowledge of English and confidence in your ability to use English by taking the Comprehensive ESL class.  “Comprehensive” means complete--all elements of something.  In this class, you will study all the skills involved in understanding and using English.  Learn conversation strategies, improve your listening ability, build your vocabulary, increase your reading understanding, and get some tips on grammar points and pronunciation.

The topics in this class focus on everyday situations--the English you need to talk about your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and relationships.  You will also get some practice at everyday writing, such as personal letters, blogs, or writing consumer reviews for websites.

Pricing For Class Lessons

The Comprehensive ESL class is ongoing, so you can start the class at any time and stay as long as you like.  For the Comprehensive ESL class, you choose a contract for how many months you want to sign up for, any number of months between 1 and 6 months. 

Also, Akada understands that many unexpected things happen in daily life that may require you to cancel a class. For this reason, Akada offers an extra “cushion” in which your contracted number of lessons may be spread to a few extra weeks. For example, if you choose a 2-Month Contract, which is 16 lessons in 8 weeks, you will have up to 10 weeks to finish the 16 lessons. Any lessons not used within the time limit are forfeited.

Here are the details for each contract length.  Remember, each lesson is 1.5 hours long.

How To Sign Up:

E-mail LearnEnglish@Akada-Language.com to express your interest in joining the class, and ask any questions you may have. (Or call toll-free 1-877-4-AKADA-2.)  The director will answer your questions and confirm the date you will begin attending classes, as well as the location. 

Classes are held at 257 North Main Street in downtown Plymouth, Michigan, in the Kumon Education Center.  This is located in a small shopping center; parking is free.

After getting your starting date confirmation from your instructor, you can pay for your class on this website via credit card or PayPal account, or you can pay at your first class session with check or cash (check preferred). Your payment amount will be the full amount of the contract you sign up for.

If you are paying by credit card or via your PayPal account by using the link below, please confirm your registration with the instructor before submitting payment.

Note: You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay by credit card using the button below.

The sky is the limit...new opportunities await!

Get your key to success with increased language skill!

Contact Akada!

E-mail:  LearnEnglish@Akada-Language.com

Telephone:  Call toll-free 1-877-4-AKADA-2

*Lessons not completed within this time frame will be forfeited.

Lesson fees do not include textbooks. Textbooks are generally between $25 and $35.


At Akada Language Instruction, you can bring a friend along with you for FREE during the entire length of your first contract for this scheduled class.  For example, if you sign up for a 1-month contract, you can bring a friend with you to class for free for 1 month; if you sign up for a 6-month contract, you can bring a friend with you for free for 6 months.  After your first contract ends, your friend continues the class by paying for his or her own contract.  However, your friend may bring a friend of his or her own on the first paid contract.*

*The friend attending for free must be someone who is not currently or has not previously been a member of the class.


Class:  Comprehensive ESL
   Classes are not currently being offered

To help you at work

Do you currently work in an English environment?  Perhaps you feel confident when talking about the duties of your job...but at other times, such as at the lunch table, or at after-work events with your colleagues, you have more difficulty.  This class can help you with those parts of your workday that are not related to your specific job duties.