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About Akada

Akada Language Instruction provides language lessons to business people and other individuals in southeast Michigan who are seeking to improve their language skills in order to unlock the door to new opportunities in their careers or personal lives.  Lessons are currently available for English as a Second Language. 

Akada Language Instruction is a division of Akada Enterprises, LLC.  Akada offers private lessons and classes at company worksites, as well as private lessons at other locations arranged between the client and instructor.  Two open-enrollment classes may be offered from time to time:  ESL For Career and Comprehensive ESL.

Speak. Build your confidence with coached conversational practice for professional and personal social situations.

Listen. Learn to recognize and understand the speech of native speakers in many different contexts.

Read. Unlock difficult texts and improve your reading comprehension. Stretch your vocabulary and knowledge of idioms.

Write. Express your ideas clearly and accurately in reports, memos, letters, e-mail, and more.

About The Director

Director’s Name: J Lee Harshbarger


  1. Bullet Master of Arts in TESOL
    (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

  2. Bullet Bachelor of Arts in Marketing


  1. Bullet 16 years of teaching ESL

  1. Bullet 15 years in corporate business

J Lee Harshbarger began teaching English as a Second Language in 1990, teaching in Japan at the national chain conversation school AEON. Since then, he has taught in a wide variety of situations to students from many different backgrounds and with numerous learning goals.

J Lee's teaching locations have included colleges in Japan, a high school and conversation school in Taiwan, two intensive language schools and a community college in Los Angeles, a language school in Ann Arbor, and at company sites in southeast Michigan including Toyota, A&D Technology, and Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance.

J Lee has taught students from many different countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

In addition to his teaching experience, J Lee has more than ten years of experience in the corporate business world. Most recently, J Lee worked for nearly ten years at the headquarters of the Fortune 500 company Borders Group Incorporated. In the Finance department, J Lee began as a sales auditor and was soon promoted to team leader, working with a number of departments in the home office and stores in the field in order to achieve his department's objectives. In the Merchandising department, J Lee began as an inventory analyst, responsible for up to $25 million of company inventory, and later became the team leader for the warehouse inventory team.

Other corporate business experience includes years of management experience at Kmart Corporation in the 1980s, as well as additional experience in insurance, manufacturing, and entertainment.

J Lee has also had the opportunity to travel, thus widening his understanding of the world and helping him to relate to students who are adjusting to another culture. In addition to living and teaching in Japan and Taiwan, J Lee has traveled to Hong Kong, Finland, Estonia, France, The Netherlands, England, Mexico, and Canada (including the French cities of Quebec City and Montreal).

Beginning with university education in business and teaching English, and continuing on into a broad array of business and teaching experiences, in addition to travel opportunities, J Lee Harshbarger is an instructor who will provide you with both theoretical and first-hand knowledge that will be beneficial to your learning of language and culture.


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My name is Shunsuke, and I am from Japan.  I was in Michigan for 14 months to study computer science.  During my stay in Michigan, I took J Lee's class for one year.  And that was definitely a lucky choice for me.  Now, I would like to strongly recommend J Lee as a professional ESL (English as a second language) teacher. 

J Lee has not only excellent teaching skills but also experiences in corporate business.  As you know J Lee has a Master of Arts in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). He really knows regional accents of English, including the Asian region.  In addition, J Lee also taught me English in the business scene.

I think that J Lee's lessons were a part of my life in Michigan, and he helped me become proficient in English in a short period of time.  I am going to recommend J Lee's lessons to my friends or colleagues if they would study English in Michigan.